For Suppliers

A One-stop Provider

Yagihyo sells to a customer base comprising more than 4,000 retailers throughout the country.
Let us help expand your market share and increase your brand visibility.

Transaction flow for New Supplier

【Step 1】 Consultation with Sales Representative
  • If you have products you wish to sell, please make an appointment over the phone or email to consult with us individually.
  • The initial consultation will cover details such as conditions for doing business with Yagihyo.
【Step 2】 Procedures for Transactions

A basic transaction contract will be concluded after the following documents are submitted:

  • Application to Open Supplier Account
  • Letter of Assurance
  • Declaration of Non-use of Hazardous Materials
  • Data Acquisition Method Certificate
  • Return Method Application for Suppliers
  • Submitted Document Checklist
【Step 3】 Start of Transactions

Transactions can be started once the basic transaction contract has been concluded.

What Makes Yagihyo Different?

We use a variety of sales formats to sell products to more than 4,000 retailers throughout the country.

1. The Yagihyo Advantage

Read about Yagihyo’s strong supplier support. (The Yagihyo Advantage)

2. A Variety of Sales Formats
  • Stores

    Our products are always on display at our headquarters, our Osaka branch, and our Tokyo branch. It's posseble to purchase our highquality, low-cost merchandise for hand.

  • Exhibition (Sales in sets)

    We sell special products such as seasonal and in-demand items at our monthly exhibitions.
    See our Event Information for details.

  • Catalog/Online Catalog

    Retailers who cannot visit our offices can purchase items through our catalog, “Season” and our online catalog, “Web Season” (updated 20 times annually).

3. Other

Inventory problems? We can consider full buybacks as well.

For inquiries by E-mail