Our Business

  • Wholesale


    We develop a wide range of products for distribution to retailers throughout Japan, including ladies’, men’s, and children’s clothes, loungewear, underwear, and socks, as well as everyday sundries, towels, bedding, and interior products.

    We work with over 1,200 suppliers to provide a product lineup unmatched by our competitors.

  • MD Planning and Production

    MD Planning and Production

    We create our own original designs for unique and appealing products by working with highly-regarded factories throughout Asia, and particularly in China.

  • Advertising Agency

    Advertising Agency

    We design and produce apparel flyers, catalogs, apps, web pages, and more.

    We plan and produce fashion shows, and handle event photography and videography.

    In order to promote retailer sales nationwide, we provide marketing guidance for delivering information using appropriate media.

  • Store Design and Constructing

    Store Design and Constructing

    We design and construct new stores, renovations, and so on.

    We provide support with all aspects of shop creation, from planning store layouts to fixtures and furnishings.

Product Line Up